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About the Reunion


The beginnings

The first time, we organized an event with a similar theme called the Hradec Open in 2013 at the airport in Jindřichův Hradec. The intention was to meet aviation supporters, spend a pleasant weekend and, of course, group flights with various types of aircraft led by pilots from all over the Czech Republic. Although the event was rather intimate, about 40 people and 11 aircraft took part, which presented a very interesting flight program and formed an impressive group over the city.


This originally informal gathering of flying fans led us to the idea of organizing a traveling reunion of Czechoslovak aircraft on a larger scale and with a significantly wider aircraft base. This is made up of machines made in the Czechoslovak Republic since 1950. This idea thus brought a completely new kind of event to the air sky, not only for Czech but also Slovak aviation.

Why we do it

In many aeroclubs around the world and in private hangars, there is a golden heritage of the Czechoslovak aviation industry. Brands such as Aero, Avia, Zlín and Letov have made our country famous in the world and to this day their names remain in the consciousness of most pilots. We do not forget this important piece of our history. And we would like to pay tribute to the manufacturers and designers of these great aircraft of various brands. They all have one thing in common, a long tradition and quality, which is confirmed to this day by machines in active air traffic.

That is why people who have dedicated their lives to these beautiful and exceptional machines are celebrating their holiday at the Reunion, which takes place every year at a different airport. Always with the same determination, friendly environment and gradually expanding number of aircraft.

The event is not public, intended only for registered participants with the necessary qualifications. Each of the pilots is responsible for their machine and crew. The Reunion of Czechoslovak aircraft is based on respect and trust not only for these wonderful flying machines, but mainly on the mutual respect of pilots and other cooperating aeroclubs.

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